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June 25 2017

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Look book

she’s a trump supporter :/

You gotta check the facts before you spread misinformation. Many people read headlines from satire news websites and just go with it. 

Fran is a survivor of sexual assault and a huge supporter of LGBTQIA+ rights. Do you REALLY think she’d support that racist rapist?!

She specifically became involved in LGBTQ+ advocacy when her then ex husband came out to her some years after their divorce, and she even made a show with him 2011 trying to help him find love. Fran Drescher is an angel!

Fran is honestly such a good and kind person and she’s a fighter……don’t defame her!

She’s also……..a Jewish woman and Donald Trump was elected by white nationalists…………….like this is not funny…….

She’s a Trump supporter my ass

this post started with the best fashion looks of the 90s and ended in a call for a socialist revolution I love it

Fran Dresher says if you a capitalist you unfashionable and all your clothes is last season y'all need to get with the program

Just Derma Things #15


When you have short bursts of not picking and you start thinking maybe you’ve been cured from this

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Here’s a full t-shirt shot to see the design more clearly. Get yours here and channel your inner Wonder Woman! It’s $12 for today only.

Only a few hours left!

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2chan.net [ExRare]

Is long cat

Dear ableists


You cannot tell us to stop talking positively about our own autism just because it offends you

You cannot decide for us how much our autism affects us, especially if you don’t know us

You cannot immediately accuse someone of faking their autism just because it goes against what you think of it

And stop using the term “real autistic people” when talking to us, we’re all “real autistic people”

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I love owl city so much we dont deserve him 



Roses are red, that much is true, but violets are purple, not fucking blue.

I have been waiting for this post all my life.

June 23 2017

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Come true yo, get you this type of blow
If you wanna Minaj I got a tricycle.




my 65 yr old professor just asked his classroom full of early 20-somethings if any of us are looking to buy houses and everyone was like……. lmao no? i can’t afford gas this week my guy. and he was like okay well when i was 22 i was in the process of buying my first home…….if that’s not the biggest example of how out of touch baby boomers are with what it’s like to be a millennial idk what is like holy shit

I’m in my 40’s and pretty much everyone in my life bought a house in our 20’s. It’s cheaper than renting. What has changed?

Well, the housing market crashed about ten years ago, partially because affordable houses were bought by wealthy people who “flipped” them so only other rich people could afford them, taking a bunch of previously affordable-on-a-small-budget houses off the market.

Students are graduating college with loads more debt now than they usually had 20 years ago. Debt that can take literal decades to pay off, which means a lot of 20-30-somethings are having to choose between paying off their loans or paying for a house.

Meanwhile, wages have stagnated. Not just so-called “burger-flipper” minimum wage jobs either. So kids coming out of college are often lucky if they’re making $10/he. Not a whole lot of money to make a down payment with or to encourage a bank to give you a loan.

And while I’ve had a few friends actually buy houses very recently (we’re in our 30s), most of them are couples, so yeah, if they’re lucky they can find a house that cost about as much as two people paying rent, but for folks who aren’t living with a significant other, usually they’re living with roommates, and roommates are great, but you don’t really want to buy a house with them.

Plus, a lot of kids in their 20s-30s really don’t know where they’re going to end up, city-wise, because the availability of jobs can change pretty quickly.

So basically, 20-somethings overburdened by debt, making poorer salaries than previous generations (compared to rate of inflation), with deeply uncertain futures, and a market that lacks affordable product for low-income people.


ok but why be sad when you could think about arthur weasley watching how it’s made


sleep paralysis is honestly the most bullshit part of being a living thing. sometimes my brain just occasionally screws up and goes ????? uhhhh . cant move.  here’s a demon 

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Disabled and chronically ill Americans protesting the repeal of the affordable care act today outside senate majority leader Mitch McConnell’s office, June 22nd. The response? Capitol police violently moving them as always. Fuck the police the state and our president for their vicious ableism

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Disability advocates arrested during health care protest at McConnell’s office. Thank you for risking your lives #cripplepunk

50+ arrests and counting


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why would she sell sea shells by a sea shore when you can just pick them off of the ground for free that’s not how you run a business

She’s sold sea shells by the seashore since shapely seashore seashells stay scarce. Since she sells superior shells searchers spend centuries searching for, seldom selling simple shells, so she still sustains solid savings.


I couldn’t even read that in my head

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