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June 14 2017

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autism problem #933


Shirts too tight around the armpits make most of them Bad no matter how tolerable they are otherwise.

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my grandma has a dog like this….

Ya grandma a hoe

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anyways heres wonderwall

why is ur ukulele so big

i feed it well


sex in the shower? no. slip and bust my ass. break my dick. she slippin too. she knock her head on the tile she passed out. bleedin. i cant walk cause my jimmy snapped. thought this was gonna be sexy and we both end up half dead.

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I unno what meme this is, but I’m here for this.

It’s called the Millennial Falcon 

Rebloggin’ the Millennial Falcon

I will always reblog the Millennial Falcon

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Women dressed as Handmaids descend on Ohio Statehouse to protest anti-abortion law.

On Tuesday, women filed into the statehouse on Tuesday to protest Senate Bill 145, a proposed ban on the most common method for second-trimester abortions.

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Tell it, randy.


Okay maybe mama did raise a fool

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Pluto compared with Australia

like to save the austrailians, reblog to let them be crushed by pluto

let us die

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Do you ever notice yourself getting bad again…like, you know you’re not doing work that needs to be done, you know you’re not cleaning, you know you’re not taking care of yourself…you know all the things you need to do to start trying to feel better. But you just can’t. And you’re left feeling like shit bc you thought you were getting better but here we are


horny, sleepy, and a lil angry

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reblog to support Bisexual Birb



why don’t we talk about thousands of people all over the country protesting in russia today? they’re protesting against medvedev and putin’s corruption (for the second time this year, because they still didn’t get the answers). they’re tired. they just want to see their country free from these toxic people. they want to live in a happy country.

they want answers

they are not their government

(russian constitution - she died for your sins)

hey, tumblr, why don’t we talk about this for a while?

couple other photos i haven’t seen circulated on here:

teenage girls are being arrested and god knows what else, for taking part in anti-corruption protests, in one of the most corrupt and dangerous countries for political dissidents (see: boris nemtsov, vladimir kara-murza, all the times alexei navalny has been arrested and detained including during yesterday’s protests)… let’s not just let this slip by.

not to be too millennial but




no money

no house

just avocado




me: i hate violence

also me: *sees a trump supporter*

being a democrat is embarrassing lol

i’m a gemini you dumb bitch


Imagine a world in which:

-Stim suppression is illegal.

-Autism $peaks is finally labelled as a hate group.

-Therapies focus on ways to cope instead of ways to change ourselves.

-Autism Parents ™ don’t exist.

-Autistic voices are seen just as valid as the voices of scientists who study autism.

-We can headcanon characters as autistic and allistics don’t lose their shit over it.

-We’re not used as inspiration p*rn. 

-Violence towards autistics is labelled as a hate crime. 

-Killing autistics is not okay in the slightest/the killer doesn’t get off scot-free/it’s not called a mercy killing/the murder is actually reported on the news.

-No one spreads the rhetoric that vaccines cause autism and everyone’s reasons for not being vaccinated aren’t related to autism. 

-Us autistics aren’t treated like china dolls or psychopaths. 

-There is more canon and more accurate representation in mainstream media, especially for female-identifying people. 

-Us autistics aren’t infantilized.

-Accidental ableism is a learning moment for allistics and they learn from the mistake.

-Deliberate ableism is considered a hate crime. 

-ABA Therapy is illegal. 

-No one wants us autistics dead.

-No one is looking into finding a cure.

-Us autistics aren’t denied basic human rights.

But let’s be real. I doubt we’re gonna get half of the items on this list to become a reality. NTs don’t really seem to give a shit about what we want/need.

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A stunning Maldivian girl with aqua blue eyes. 

She has taken my soul away

I can’t even deal with level of wow. She’s a GODDESS.

she honestly is, my genetic game is WEAK 

I feel like I’m being lured to my death and I’m completely okay with that

Her name was Raudha Athif, she is thought to have committed suicide in March but her family thinks she was murdered by extremists.

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