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the body diversity for rihanna’s new lingerie line is incredible??? it’s not even just “oh all our models are skinny but we stock everything in plus sizes too don’t worry” or throwing kate upton and ashley graham into the line-up and pretending they’re plus-size lol like they actually have plus-size models as the default pics for a bunch of items? look this is just a random sample

thanks rihanna

@molotowcocktease knows more about this than I do, but this is bullshit.

As she stated: Highest size stocked for underwear is 3X—which already alienates a lot of plus size and fat women who wear more than 3X. Also, highest bra size is 42DD which also really alienates anyone who wears more than that as well. You also have to purchase a $50 USD membership on top of the price for your plus size clothing, but not if you’re regular size. If you want that cute teddy or lingerie robe in plus, tack another $50 on it.

All of the plus models here are socially acceptable plus size models and not those who are fat. If you’re going to market your line of lingerie as all inclusive, don’t make it seem like you are by just having model diversity with acceptable sized models. Their whole campaign was suuuper exploitive for plus size and fat women that I think a lot more women should be mad at it.

*the items that require a $50 membership are for straight and plus sizes

HOWEVER the only items that are plus size that are worth purchasing all have that stupid membership requirement and only about 20% of the items on her site are available in plus size and most of those are items that we can get other places for half the cost.

It’s explosive of this campaign to boast being for “every body” when it’s for “some people” but certainly not my ass.

^^^^ all of this!!!

Yeah this line is garbage lmao. She shoulda just said her line was for skinny people.

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