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February 04 2018

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Hung out with @markymarkvision the other night
#steelwool #steelwoolphotography #steelspinners #steelspinning #nightphotography #slowshutter #longexposure #nightshooters #weownthenight #steelwoolandmarks #longexposure_shots #nocturnal_visonaries #urbanatlanta #nightshooterATL #RagersFolio (at Krog Street Tunnel)

February 03 2018

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Some #artsyfartsy pics I took here at @freelovesocial

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My welcome at my new store on tuesday ✂️💗
#sportclips #sportclipsstylist #sportclipshowellmill #lifebeinpeachy (at Sport Clips Haircuts of Atlanta - Howell Mill)

January 27 2018

I’m so fucking sick of investing energy into people who don’t give a single fuck about me

January 11 2018


The weirdest thing straight girls do is shame people who use pads instead of tampons



a gallon of milk but with this kind of cap:

quick suggestion

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tbh that person just ended the entire discourse

^^ an aphobe. and this is about actual straight people not fucking ace people you nut

yeah sure! ofc i don’t mean all ace people i mean. straight ace people

no. the op said this wasnt at all about any aces.

sorry about the color, i use a screen shader at night so i can use my phone and still sleep

entitled aphobes being wrong is my passion

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“when a man does something well, we congratulate him. when a woman does something well, we drop her in thunderdome to battle other women for the title of Sole Woman Who Is Good At Things.”

sarah of high heart   


pebble: finally… after 6 million long years I have finally washed up on shore. no longer am I a slave to the tides, no long-

me [picking up pebble and chucking it into the ocean]: haha sploosh

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the fact that the weight of chris and scarlett still doesn’t equal to thor look at their feet actually sliding lmao hemsworth is strong af

Look how fuckin DELIGHTED evans is holy shit

Chris Evans is like a three year old who thinks Chris Hemsworth, age five, is a deity. In every image where they’re together he’s almost invariably adoring. There’s one where Hemsworth has him in a headlock and Evans is just like “this is my life now and that’s ok.” 

Chris Evans is embodiment of that picture of the dog who goes to the dog park for the first time and get sat on by a bigger dog and just accepts its fate with a smile.

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2 actors in 33 damm years

Explain how the fuck Aziz Ansari who was raised by muslim parents is asian.

Islam is a religion, Asia is a continent.

Because Islam is a religion and Asia is a continent, the largest one on the planet??? His parents are from Tamil Nadu, India you dweeb. You can be both. 


Captain America at Disneyland signing with a deaf guest.

This is so important!

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guys, you know what this means??

google drive

People like you should be arrested




so last night I had a dream that everyone in scooby doo went to college or something except for shaggy and scooby and shaggy was morosely trading in the mystery machine for a prius and the last thing I remember before waking up was scooby saying “raggy why” and shaggy goes “we need a car with better gas mileage scoob”

although character backgrounds are fairly fluid through the Scooby Doo franchise, of all the gang, Norville “Shaggy” Roberts is A> the most financially well of, and B>the most likely to get an athletic scholarship.
Daphne’s parents are rich, but she has for sisters, and the money is her parents still.
Shaggy however is the sole beneficiary of the estate of his late uncle Beauregard, who left him an unspecifiedly large fortune and a large southern plantation. Shaggy is independently wealthy.
Shaggy is also said, at multiple points across the various series, to have, in high school, won numerous awards in both Track and gymnastics. Coupled with the fact that he can outrun Scooby at times, and Great Danes can sustain speeds of 30 mph, means Shaggy can outrun Usain Bolt, atleast is there’s a mummy behind him, or a pizza at the finish line.

TL:DR Shaggy is doing fine and you don’t need to worry about him.

Now, let’s talk about how, CANNONICALLY, Scooby can speak human languages because he is distantly related to dread Cthulhu…

of all the useless information compiled on this website, this is the best thing I’ve ever heard

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The soccer gender pay gap is ridiculous

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